# TEACHING PORTFOLIO **Yale University**, ***Department of Political Science*** \hskip 1cm Big Data, AI, and Russian Politics (2020) **University of California, Los Angeles**, ***Anderson School of Business*** \hskip 1cm Technology Analytics (MBA), with Prof. Keith Chen (2018) \hskip 1cm Competitive Analytics (MSBA), with Prof. Keith Chen (2018) **University of California, Los Angeles**, ***Department of Political Science*** \hskip 1cm Politics and Government of Post-Communist Russia, with Prof. Daniel Treisman (2014-17) \hskip 1cm Diversity, Disagreement, and Democracy, with Prof. Susanne Lohmann (2016) \hskip 1cm Data Analysis, with Prof. Erin Hartman (2018) \hskip 1cm Politics and Strategy, with Prof. Michael Chwe (2017) **Higher School of Economics, Moscow**, ***Department of Political Science*** \hskip 1cm Models of Risk in Politics and Economics (MA, 2012-13) \hskip 1cm Political Theory (2011-13)