# EDUCATION **University of California, Los Angeles**, Ph.D. in Political Science \hfill 2019 \hskip 1cm Topic: "*Dictators in the Spotlight*: What They Do When They Cannot Do Business as Usual" \hskip 1cm Committee: Prof. Daniel Treisman (chair), Prof. Barbara Geddes, \hskip 1cm Prof. Chad Hazlett, Prof. Daniel Posner, Prof. Jeniffer Pan (Stanford) **University of California, Los Angeles**, M.Sc. in Statistics \hfill 2019 **Higher School of Economics, Moscow**, M.A. in Political Economy (with Honors) \hfill 2011 **Higher School of Economics, Moscow,** B.A. in Political Science (with Honors) \hfill 2009 # ACADEMIC POSITIONS **Postdoctoral Associate**, MacMillan Center for International and Area Studies, Yale University \hfill 2019- **Research Fellow**, Luskin School of Public Affairs, UCLA \hfill 2018 **Teaching Fellow**, **Research Fellow**, Anderson School of Business, UCLA \hfill 2018 **Teaching Fellow**, **Research Fellow**, Department of Political Science, UCLA \hfill 2014-17 **Research Fellow**, Center for the Study of Institutions and Development, Higher School of Economics, Moscow \hfill 2013-14 **Visiting Research Fellow**, Russian & East European Institute, Indiana University \hfill 2012 **Lecturer**, Political Science Department, Higher School of Economics, Moscow \hfill 2010-13 **Research Fellow**, Laboratory for Political Studies, Higher School of Economics, Moscow \hfill 2008-13 # RESEARCH ## Articles [**"Stability of Revolutionary Governments in The Face of Mass Protest"**](https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ejpoleco.2019.08.003) in *European Journal of Political Economy*, 2019, 60, 2-20 (with Dmitry Dagaev and Natalia Lamberova) [**"Trial by Fire: a Natural Disaster’s Impact on Support for the Authorities in Rural Russia,"**](http://dx.doi.org/10.1017/S0043887114000215) in *World Politics*, 2014, 66(4), 641-668 (with Egor Lazarev, Irina Soboleva, and Boris Sokolov) [**"Means of Production VS Means of Coercion: Can Russian Business Limit the Violence of Predatory State?,"**](http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/1060586X.2013.859434) in *Post-Soviet Affairs*, 2014, 30(1), 171-194 (with Andrei Yakovlev and Anton Kazun) [**"Social and Economic Policy Trade-Offs in the Russian Regions: Evidence from Four Case Studies,"**](http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/09668136.2013.838055) in *Europe-Asia Studies*, 2013, 65(10): 1855-1876 (with Tom Remington, Irina Soboleva, and Mark Urnov) [**"Well-Organized Play: Symbolic Politics and the Effect of the Pro-Putin Rallies,"**](“Well-Organized Play: Symbolic Politics and the Effect of the Pro-Putin Rallies,”) in *Problems of Post-Communism*, 2013, 60(2): 24-39 (with Regina Smyth and Irina Soboleva) ## Peer-reviewed book chapters [**"Civic and Political Activism in Russia"**](http://www.jstor.org/stable/10.7864/j.ctt1zkjzsh.13) in *The New Autocracy: Information, Politics, and Policy in Putin's Russia*, 2018, 249-276, Brookings Institution Press (with Alexei Zakharov) [**"Defining Common Ground: Collective Identity in Russia's Post-Election Protests and Rallies"**](https://AntonSobolev.github.com/files/2013-Defining-Commong-Ground.pdf) in *The Systemic and Non-Systemic Opposition in the Russian Federation*, 2015, 51-76, Ashgate Publishing (with Regina Smyth and Irina Soboleva) # IN PROCESS ## Review and resubmit [**"News and Geolocated Social Media Accurately Measure Protest Size Variation"**](#in-process) (with Keith Chen, Jungseock Joo, and Zachary Steinert-Threlkeld) ## Working [**"How Pro-Government “Trolls” Influence Online Conversations in Russia"**](#working) [**"Can Independent Media Help Autocrats Suppress Collective Action?"**](#working) [**"Leaderless Protests?"**](#working) (with Dmitry Dagaev, Natalia Lamberova, and Konstantin Sonin) # GRANTS The Harriman Institute, Columbia University, Research Grant \hfill 2019 Charles Koch Foundation, Arlington, Research Fellowship \hfill 2019 Dissertation Year Fellowship, Los Angeles, UCLA \hfill 2018 The Harriman Institute, Columbia University, Travel Grant \hfill 2018 Institute for Humane Studies, Arlington, Travel Grant \hfill 2018 Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Alumni Academic Fellowship \hfill 2017 Institute for Humane Studies, Arlington, PhD Fellowship \hfill 2014-18 Oxford-Russia Foundation, Research Fellowship \hfill 2007-10 # AWARDS AND DISTINCTIONS Higher School of Economics Award for Academic Achievements \hfill 2012 “The Best Lecturer of Political Science Department - 2012” Award \hfill 2012 High Distinction for Honors Thesis, Higher School of Economics \hfill 2011 High Distinction for Honors Thesis, Higher School of Economics \hfill 2009 # PRESENTATIONS APSA (2018, 2016, 2014), MPSA (2018, 2017, 2014), European Economic Association Annual Conference (2015), Society for Institutional & Organizational Economics Annual Conference (2013), April International Academic Conference On Economic and Social Development (2013, 2012, 2010, 2011), Moscow Higher School of Economics (2017, 2013), Indiana University (2012) # TEACHING EXPERIENCE **Yale University**, ***Department of Political Science*** \hskip 1cm Big Data, AI, and Russian Politics (2020) **University of California, Los Angeles**, ***Anderson School of Business*** \hskip 1cm Technology Analytics (MBA), with Prof. Keith Chen (2018) \hskip 1cm Competitive Analytics (MSBA), with Prof. Keith Chen (2018) **University of California, Los Angeles**, ***Department of Political Science*** \hskip 1cm Politics and Government of Post-Communist Russia, with Prof. Daniel Treisman (2014-17) \hskip 1cm Diversity, Disagreement, and Democracy, with Prof. Susanne Lohmann (2016) \hskip 1cm Data Analysis, with Prof. Erin Hartman (2018) \hskip 1cm Politics and Strategy, with Prof. Michael Chwe (2017) **Higher School of Economics, Moscow**, ***Department of Political Science*** \hskip 1cm Models of Risk in Politics and Economics (MA, 2012-13) \hskip 1cm Political Theory (2011-13) # SERVICE **Reviewer:** Foreign Policy Analysis, Journal of International Affairs, Problems of Post-Communism # SKILLS **Software:** R (`keras`, `selenium`, `rvest`, `tm`, `ggplot2`, `tidyverse`, `sp`, `raster`), \hskip 1.9 cm Python (`TensorFlow`, `keras`, `nltk`, `Selenium`, `sklearn`, `pandas`), SQL, Stata, SPSS, \LaTeX # REFERENCES Prof. Daniel Treisman (chair of the Ph.D. dissertation committee), Department of Political Science, UCLA, 4289 Bunche Hall, Los Angeles, CA 90095, [treisman@polisci.ucla.edu](treisman@polisci.ucla.edu) Prof. Chad Hazlett (chair of the M.Sc. dissertation committee), Department of Statistics, UCLA, 8105G Mathematical Sciences, Los Angeles, CA 90095, [chazlett@ucla.edu](chazlett@ucla.edu) Prof. Konstantin Sonin (chair of the M.A. dissertation committee), Harris Public Policy School, University of Chicago, 1155 E60 St, Chicago, IL 60637, [ksonin@uchicago.edu](ksonin@uchicago.edu)