I am a PhD Candidate in Political Science and MSc in Statistics at University of California, Los Angeles, specializing in Comparative Politics, Machine Learning and Causal Inference. Applying text analysis and deep learning to collective behavior in authoritarian regimes, I explore the strategies that modern autocrats use to survive in office and how citizens respond to these strategies.

My dissertation project focuses on two such strategies: manufacturing the image of invincibility by pro-government rallies, and creating an army of paid supporters (“trolls”) on the Internet that attempts to shape the narrative and disrupt online conversation.

My other projects cover a wide range of questions associated with collective behavior in the broadest sense. In the project co-authored with Keith Chen (UCLA and Uber) and Zachary Steinert-Threlkeld (UCLA), I develop a set of spatial deep learning models to examine the diffusion of protest in the United States after the presidential election of 2016. In another project co-authored with Dmitry Dagaev (Moscow, HSE), Natalia Lamberova (UCLA) and Konstantin Sonin (Univeristy of Chicago), I study how IСT technology changes the structure and dynamics of protests across the globe.

My work has been published in World Politics, Post-Soviet Affairs, Europe-Asia Studies, and Problems of Post-Communism. I published in American and Russian printed and electronic media, including The Monkey Cage Blog, the leading Russian business daily Vedomosti, and Forbes-Russia.

I have conducted field research in Russia, funded by Carnegie Corporation of New York, Emory Univeristy, Moscow Higher School of Economics, Indiana University, and St Petersburg University. Before starting my PhD program at UCLA, I was a research fellow at the Center for the Study of Institutions and Development (2013-14) and a lecturer at the Department of Political Science at Higher School of Economics in Moscow (2010-13). I received “The Best Lecturer of the Political Science Department” Award in 2012. I also was a visiting research fellow at Russian & East European Institute at Indiana University.

I am on the 2018-19 Job Market.